Looking for WPX hosting review? If yes then you have landed at the right place. Planning to launch your business online or provide your services over the web? If yes then a fast website can help you out through the whole process.  Opening a blog for earning some bucks, for fun or photography blog will no matter. The thing which will matter the most is your website design and its page load speed.

The two main things which you will need prior to build a strong and fast loading website is the hosting and domain. You can also create a website on blogger which provides free hosting. The main disadvantage is that the customizations in blogger are limited. Therefore purchasing a domain with hosting is highly recommended. So to help you out we are going to do WPX Hosting Review.

What Is WPX Hosting

WPX hosting is one of the famous brands that provides web services to its customers. WPX was launched in the year 2013 by Terry Kyle. The founder of WPX hosting is in this field from 1998 which can give you some hint about how much experience he would be.

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wpx hosting review

Features Of WPX Hosting

WPX hosting provides a variety of features. You might be amazed to see the features when comparing it with the prices. The main objective of WPX hosting is to provide the best services for the betterment of its customers. The main features of WPX hosting are as follows-

  • It provides a special separate is known as the “Staging Area”. It is the place where you are given access to merge the staging version of your website with the new site version which is live. You can do so with ease. The best thing to know is that you will not lose the comments which are on your new blog or the page/settings you have changed.
  • WPX hosting guarantees that it will solve your problems in which you are struck as soon as you contact with them. In most of the cases in other hosting brands, you yourself have to fix the technical issue on your website. But this is not the case with WPX. It is there for you 24/7/365 to solve your problems itself. The best thing is that they do not charge any single penny and solve all your problems for free.
  • WPX hosting is equipped with high end and amazing new SSD servers which are blazingly fast. This makes the page load speed very fast. While purchasing any hosting you must consider its page load time. This is necessary because page load speed has become a major part of SEO. It also acts a major factor in ranking on google.
  • The uptime of WPX hosting is quite well most of the time. Even in the case of high load traffic, it doesn’t get down as it is packed with the powerful new SSD servers. The feature of uptime should also not be neglected. This is because if the uptime of a hosting brand is not good then your website will be down for most of the time.
  • Another amazing feature of it is that it provides free SSL certificates which are sponsored by Google. The best thing is that it gets activated in less than 10 seconds. A website which is not equipped with the SSL certificate is considered to be unsafe in the eyes of Google. Their most of the visitors prohibit visiting an unsafe website.
  • It comes with http2 and PHP 7.X which are pre enable. These two tools provide more speed to your site and make it more optimized which automatically provides the good user experience.
  • You can migrate unlimited sites to WPX hosting form another web host and that too for free. The best thing in this feature is that you can migrate unlimited sites within 24 hours and 7 days a week. It also provides a business email for free.

wpx hosting review

Pricing And Plans Of WPX Hosting

If you are beginner then the price of WPX hosting might hurt you. But first judging the prices you must check out its features too. It provides three plans to its customers which are “Business Plan”, “Professional Plan”, “Elite Plan”. You can check out the pricing and description in the image shown below-

wpx hosting review

Why Should You Purchase WPX Hosting?

  • Security– Security is one of the major facts which must keep into consideration while buying hosting from any of the brands. The security provided by WPX hosting is on the next level. It is equipped with malware cleaner and DDOS protection. The malware cleaner automatically scans your whole website and removes all the vulnerable viruses if present. As I told above that it provides you the free SSL certificate sponsored by Google. This makes your website more secure.
  • Cache– If you have earlier made any website with WordPress then you must be remembering that it requires us to install a cache plugin. But with WPX hosting, you don’t require this. This is because it is pre-packed with the cache plugin which performs better than the third party cache plugin.
  • SSD Servers– As I told you that page load speed is the major factor while purchasing any host. So for boosting the page load speed, WPX hosting uses SSD servers which increase the page load speed up to 200%. They are so amazing that they don’t let your site down even if the traffic is in the big amount. WPX hosting guarantees an average uptime of 99.90% which is quite good.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee– If you are still in doubt of buying WPX hosting then you can surely opt for the 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like their features and service then you can opt out. For getting the refund you just have to contact the support team and your refund will be initiated in some working hours.

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I am pretty sure that all the doubts and hype about WPX hosting must be cleared after reading our WPX hosting review. If you want to open a professional website or business or sell your services online, then this web host is best for you. Now we hope that our WPX hosting review is successful. Queries are most welcomed in the comment section.

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