About Norton

Developed by Symantec Corporation in 1991, Norton is an antivirus or antimalware software ranked potentially among the most reliable software for computer security. Expertly reviewed, Norton has incorporated several features and has made major improvements to enhance their customer experience. This is the very reason as to why it is the most preferred antivirus for your family’s digital usage. Its performance and transparent services give it an edge over its rival software which includes McAfee and Avira.

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Device Security

Norton has named its anti-malware technology as SONAR. Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response as rightly abbreviated has many ways to protect your system and the data in it. Norton works to restrict email spamming and phishing threats as well.

Norton uses Heuristic and signatures which enables it to detect “zero-day” threats. This means that the antivirus software is capable of detecting existing malware and also any incoming or near-future threat posed at it. Most viruses in computer technology use the genetic method of spreading. Such malware which multiplies itself can be padded with extra lines of codes and media files as well. Norton restricts them with feedback to help you avoid any further threats.

Usability and Control

Norton has successfully created a user experience that can serve the entire family. It has the set up for 4 different age groups that have both young and adult children too.

Any parent would be concerned about their child’s internet and computer usage. That is why Norton has parental control features that allow them to adjust all the settings as per their child’s use. A very smart addition is to have an age group or range in the setup options. As soon as you choose the age of the user, Norton gives you some default suggestions which can be changed accordingly.

These settings can be made on PC or using the Norton family app as well. Settings are very easy and once you choose the user type (parent or child) most of the settings are already adjusted.

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  • Multi-platform support: Yes, the antivirus is available for devices and systems rocking different operating systems which is one of its key features.
  • 24 hours of support using the mobile app.
  • Has protected storage and backup options.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Informative and clear dashboard.
  • User-friendly
  • The power eraser of Norton restricts every suspicious threat.


  • Impacts system performance

Cloud functionality

Norton uses cloud storage and backup features as one of its USPs. They most deservingly should because it adds brilliant value to the already so good antivirus.

Cloud backup is always a cherry on the top. It enables the user to access all their files and data saved in the cloud remotely. It is the bridge connecting your data and you on the internet. The fact that you will have your data even in extraordinary cases of the system failure where it was saved originally eases the users.

Apart from the convenience which is obvious with cloud storage, it also provides you an alternative method to tackle ransomware which is used often by hackers. This most usual way to inject ransomware is through media files. With cloud storage on Norton, the impact is zero even when the original files are corrupted.

As far as the specifications are concerned, Norton has 10 GB of cloud backup storage. This is upgraded to 50 GB used Nortons 360 deluxe options which is premium.

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Important permissions and transparency

Norton is developed very carefully to preserve user interests. Many antivirus software in the market takes no consent before initiating detection or authorizing permissions. This can have several unpleasant results. A lot of times your applications start giving pop-ups or ask for threat detection. Sometimes they even pop up the uninstallation window themselves. On top of it, the settings are very hard to change and one usually ends up restarting and sometimes even uninstalling the software.

Norton provides transparency before acting upon anything in your system. It takes permissions whenever necessary and avoids any inconvenience to the user. It takes permission for every feature and invasion during the setup. In case you have missed anything, Norton rectifies it while you use that particular feature for the first time. On the other hand, it does understand that popping alerts all the time is very irritating. That is why it hides the ones which the user generally ignores or doesn’t act upon. All of those are handled in the background.

Norton settings are very conveniently handled by the Norton mobile application. The app has sorted all settings into categories just like your mobile or PC settings. It is very easy to navigate, change and save.

Why is Norton Antivirus efficient?

  • Avoid all the false advertisements and flagging while detecting viruses.
  • It provides a secured space to backup data and stores it in the cloud.
  • Has a dedicated passwords and usernames manager.
  • Avoid hacker invasions and ransomware.
  • Access your data and manage software set using the internet and different portals.
  • Preventing identity and recovery thefts.
  • Awarded and reviewed for its performance.

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Why prefer Norton over other Antiviruses?

Norton has incorporated all the right features and security tags that make it a complete antivirus software. It is from a well-established developer and maintains its reputation with updates to the software. There is no feature that it lacks from the standard requirements of an antivirus. Norton has taken feedback and improvised on their features by both adding newer one sand improvising on the existing features.

The very problem of performance issues was also addressed with the last updates. Norton has proved to be the most reliable antivirus software for the entire family. Being able to adjust itself as per the user is a great quality that has been incorporated by the developers. It has been very efficient and inexpensive at the same time. With reasonably good cloud storage and features that make it a complete anti-malware deal, Norton remains among the best.