Looking for an amazing Interserver hosting review? Do you want to make your own website to earn some bucks? Or you want to expand your business online? Or do you want to sell your services to the people? If yes then you might require a hosting and domain for that. So in this article, we are going to do interserver hosting review which is one of the finest hosting providers among other popular web services companies.

Interserver is basically a hosting company which provides web services to its users. It has been providing hosting services since 1999. It has two data centers which are actually Jersey-based. Not only these two but they are in process of expanding their data centers across the world.

The employees which joined interserver are still working with it. Due to this, it has an advantage as the top management team has been with them all along. The staff remains dedicated to the business and always looks towards the betterment of the customers of interserver.

Interserver also claims it to be one of the finest and budget-friendly hosting provider. It does not matter which plan you will purchase, but after all, you will see a great reduction in prices as compared to others. Having so low prices and offering a variety of feature for the betterment of customers is really a big deal. To know more about interserver hosting review, read the full article.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Uptime& Reliability Of Interserver Hosting

Uptime is a very necessary feature which you must check out while buying any hosting service. This is because it matters a lot, if the uptime of a particular hosting providing company will not be good then your website may be down and not reachable for most of the time.

This case is not with the interserver hosting. It provides 100% power uptime guarantee to its customers and in the case of VPS, it guarantees 99.9% of the time. This is all because of its powerful data centers. Its data centers are packed with great features like biometric locks, UPS power, raised floors, fire suppression, overhead air conditioning and many more. The amazing features make the uptime of interserver up to 100%.

interserver hosting review

Features Of Interserver Hosting

  • Ease Of Access- Interserver hosting is quite easy to use. The user interface of cpanel, provided by interserver is quite simple and smooth. This makes it quite easy to use and modify the setting according to your wish.
  • Variety Of Scripts- It provides 406 scripts which you can install in your web by a single click. It doesn’t take much time. Installing scripts is made quite easy by interserver.
  • If you are stuck in cloud-based hosting solution then you need not worry. Interserver provides a quite unique cloud-based hosting solutions which can solve your problem quickly.
  • Storage- The interserver ensures to provide its hosting with unlimited storage to its customers. Not only unlimited storage but you can transfer your data for unlimited times without any problem.
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Quick Servers

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Pros Of Interserver Hosting

  • Reliability- The best advantage of interserver hosting is that you can rely on it without any doubt in your mind. Many of the companies providing hosting run their servers at 100%. This often results in disadvantages such as server crashes and slow page loading speeds. But this is not with interserver. It runs its servers at 50% and has limited its customers to 100 a day. By controlling their growth they ensure us the best features and reliability too.
  • Value For Money- By looking at the prices you must think that it is not the cheapest, neither we said that! The plans are not the cheapest but are lower than other expensive hostings. Being cheaper than others, it provides maximum features to its customers which other hosting doesn’t come with.
  • Money Back And Price lock Guarantee- Many of the hosting companies provide cheaper hosting in starting and jacks up after the 1st But interserver keeps the price same as it advertises throughout the lifetime. Interserver also provides a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you can take a trial of the hosting and if you are impressed then can go for a full package.
  • Customer Services- You must get struck while setting up your website or in the cpanel interface. If yes then no need not worry. Interserver provides customer services 24/7 with full satisfaction. You can contact them both live chat and toll-free phone and that too any time of the day or night.

interserver hosting review

Cons Of Interserver Hosting

  • Limited Services- With many pros, it also comes with cons too. Interserver states that none of the shared hosting accounts can use more than 20% of the server resources at a time. The customers who use SSD shared hosting( Unlimited one) will be shifted to another platform which will perform quite low as compared t earlier. This will occur if you use more than 1GB of space.
  • Page Loading Speed- I am sorry to state that the page loading speeds provided by interserver hosting are not up to the mark. The page load speed sometimes becomes 2x slower to the other hosting. It has an average page load of 2000ms second which is not impressive. For a page to load faster the page load speed should be below 1200ms.

Plans & Pricing Of Interserver Hosting

Interserver provides three plans to its customers. The plans are normally priced. They are neither cheap and nor highly priced than the other companies hosting plans. The plans provided by interserver hosting are as follows-

interserver hosting review


I hope you must have reached a conclusion after reading the interserver hosting review. Seeing the features first and prices after, interserver looks great. With much more pros, everything comes with cons too. Interserver hosting is great for those who are new in the field of blogging and do not have much traffic driven to their sites. But as compared to features and customer services, interserver is considered to quite good overall. If you have any queries then you may post it in the comment section. We are always here to help all of you.