Inmotion Hosting Review

Looking for an article that could provide a good Inmotion Hosting Review? If yes, then this is the place where you will get it. To get all the information regarding Inmotion hosting, read the article till the end. In this Inmotion hosting review, we will make sure to clear all your confusions. Moreover, we will also give an overview of pricing that will help you to make you reach a conclusion.

Hosting and domains are the two basic and important things, that one needs before constructing the website. The more powerful the hosting, more powerful is the website. A perfect hosting & domain with perfect theme and some powerful plugins can surely help you to make a powerful and optimized website.

InMotion Hosting has been in the web hosting industry for a significantly long time since its start in 2001. It has its own particular steadfast clients and you would have seen their promotions on the web all over. Truth to be told, they are a gigantic facilitating organization.

They have a server farm in Virginia Beach and two more in Los Angeles. Their client base is quickly growing and has a huge number of bloggers having their websites on their servers. InMotion claims to manage more than 350000 domains and giving its clients no reason to complain.

Inmotion Hosting Review: Pros of Inmotion Hosting


Performance upon heaps of elements and it is difficult to rate or analyze. In any case, in straightforward terms, it’s all about to what extent the server takes to respond to a demand made by a guest. It’s called TTFB (Time to First Byte). InMotion has outperformed alternate has in every one of the tests directed by professional website admins.

And yeah, it does provide clients with 99.9% Uptime which is only done by few hosts. And 99.9 % Uptime can guarantee that your website never faces downtimes.

Customer Support

Well,  Customer Support is what matters the most. Everyone is not a pro at internet and needs help at times. And this is the time  Customer Support comes to play.

InMotion Hosting, in this case, is really great. It has a  U.S. Based support that functions 24x7x365. You can get your issues solved from phone, chat, email, till ticketing.

Easy Start

Most of the newbies wish to get started quickly and easily and for that Inmotion Hosting is really suitable. You can set up your website in minutes.


Inmotion Hosting Review: Cons of InMotion Hosting

American Datacenters

American datacenters have a decent name for being dependable and quick. But to have a worldwide performance, a great website must have a server farm in Asia. In spite of the fact that American datacenters of InMotion hosting are responding well even for the Asian requests, it’s still recommended to have a data center in Asian countries.


It’s generally costly to have your site on InMotion. In addition, they give priority to ace bloggers and big sites. And accordingly, it is really costly compared to others.

Linux Based

The backend of InMotion hosting is fully controlled by Linux servers. So, it would not be able to offer Windows-based hosting.


Inmotion Hosting Review: Plans & Pricing

Inmotion basically provides three plans for shared hosting. It is also considered to be the business hosting. The three plans are as follows:

  • Launch Plan: You can host 2 websites at a time on this hosting. It provides 2 MYSQL database, 25 subdomains and 6 parked domains too. It has been priced at $6.39 per month.
  • Power Plan: You can host 6 websites at a time on Inmotion hosting. It provides 50 MYSQL database, 100 domains and 26 parked domains too. It has been priced at $8.49 per month.
  • Pro Plan: The pro plan gives you access to all the features to be used without any limit. This clearly states that everything is unlimited in this plan. You can host unlimited websites, unlimited domains, and subdomains, unlimited MYSQL databases too. It has been priced at $14.71 per month.

Inmotion hosting review


So it was the inmotion hosting review. Do we recommend buying Inmotion Hosting? Yes, we recommend buying inmotion hosting. The main reason behind recommending to all of you is the uptime and page load speed of Inmotion hosting.

Page load speed and uptime are the two main factors which govern a good web host. Now we are pretty sure that you have reached a conclusion and our inmotion hosting review is successful. Queries are highly appreciated in the comment section.

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