Looking for FastComet Review? If yes, then you have landed at the right article. In this article, we will make sure to provide brief details about the pros, cons, pricing, features and more. To avoid the hype and clear the confusions, make sure to read the article till the end.

If you are into blogging or have your business online, then you must be knowing about the two necessary things required for it. The two most necessary thing required for creating a powerful website is a good domain and hosting provided by a good web host. So, in this article, we are going to do a review of one such hosting. Reading about FastComet review must have got you some excitement.

FastComet Review: What Is FastComet?

FastComet is basically a web host which provides web services to its customers. Their headquarters are situated in San Francisco with a customer base of 450,000+. They provide their services in around 83 countries present across the globe. FastComet is equipped with eight server locations which are present in very well known cities like Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, Chicago, and Singapore too.

The theory of FastComet says that, the closer you are to the server of FastComet, the more speed connectivity you will get. FastComet is basically a private company. It is one of the famous hosting brands in the field of private hosting companies. The two most factors which you should never ignore while considering a web host are the page load speed and uptime.

fastcomet review

FastComet Review: Pros

Very Good Uptime

As I wrote above that uptime is one of the major factors which should never be ignored in order to purchase a good hosting. If the uptime of any hosting is not good, then it means that your website will be down for most of the time. But this is not the case with FastComet. It has absolutely good uptime.

The best thing you observe when you visit their official site is the quality of the graphics. It looks simply awesome. Their uptime for the first few months was 100% which is fabulous. But as soon as it is going older there is a slight decrease in its uptime.

The average uptime of FastComet has been recorded as 99.97% in previous few months.  The uptime recorded in some previous months are as follows:

  • December 2017 average uptime-100%
  • January 2018 average uptime-99.94%
  • February 2018 average uptime-100%
  • March 2018 average uptime-99.99%
  • April 2018 average uptime-99.99%
  • May 2018 average uptime-99.96%
  • June 2018 average uptime-99.98%
  • July 2018 average uptime-98.96%
  • August 2018 average uptime-99.96%
  • September 2018 average uptime-99.95%
  • October 2018 average uptime-99.97%
  • November 2018 average uptime-100%
  • December 2018 average uptime-99.96%

45-Days Money Back Guarantee

While considering other web hosts, you must have noticed that all of them provides money back guarantee up to 30 days only. But this is not the case with FastComet. It provides money back guarantee of whopping 45 days.

If you have ever shifted your website from one host to another, then you must have understood and experienced the difficulties. It takes a lot of time and one of the biggest disadvantages is that your website is down for that particular span of time.  And above all of this, if you don’t like the services of the web host, you are stuck in a big problem.

But you need not worry in this case. FastComet provides you an awesome 45-day money back guarantee. With the help of this feature, you can take a trial of FastComet hosting. And if you are impressed, then you purchase their annual plan.

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Free Site Migrations

If you like to change web hosts with a particular interval of time then FastComet can be one of the best web hosts for you. The best thing about it is that you can transfer your website from the previous web host to the new one and that too for free.

Most of the other web hosts present over the web boast a lot about its free migration policy. But when users need it, they send a support document which you have to understand yourself. And even if they are ready to migrate your site, then they must be using some creepy tool which automatically moves the websites.

But this is not the case with FastComet. The workers of FastComet themselves move the entire site of the user to their web host. If you have purchased FastComet then you need not worry. Your site will be migrated in less than an hour without any additional fees.

Free Domain For Lifetime

While considering other web hosts you must have seen them advertising that they provide a free domain with their hosting like Godaddy and more. The main thing that must be considered is that they provide a free domain for only 1 year and after 1 year you have to renew the domain name.

But this is not the case with FastComet. It provides a free domain with its hosting and that domain is free for lifetime. While considering 30+ web hosts, we found this great feature in this web host only.

fastcomet review

FastComet Review: Cons

Low Page Load Speed

The one and only main cons with FastComet is its page load speed. Page load speed is one of the main factors to be considered while purchasing any hosting. It is also said that if the page load speed of your website is not good, then most the visitors will prevent visiting it.

FastComet also boasts about the good page load speed on its website. But it is not true in any way as the page load speed of it is going up to a big extent. So this is the only reason why FastComet could not gain so much success.

FastComet Review: Plans & Pricing

FastComet provides three hosting plans to its customers. Those three plans are named as

  • StartSmart: Free Domain for a lifetime, 15 GB of SSD, Unmetered traffic, Priced at $2.95 per month.
  • ScaleRight: Free domain for a lifetime, 25 GB of SSD, Unmetered traffic, Multiple websites, Priced at $5.95 per month.
  • SpeedUp: All features listed in above plans with RocketBooster added to it, 35 GB of SSD and some more advanced features.

Below is an image that will represent all the features provided by Fastcomet.

fastcomet review


Do we recommend you to buy FastComet hosting? When we see the uptime and its other features, we were seriously amazed. But when we purchased and use it for a while we saw a huge drop in the page load speed of our website. Despite having so many good features, it lacks in a good page load speed and page load speed is a factor which can’t be ignored. Therefore recommending to buy it will not be a profitable step.