Are you not able to believe the hype going on everywhere about the ExpressVPN? If yes, then we are going to do Expressvpn review. This Expressvpn review will surely clear all your confusions and finally, you will be able to be sure to buy it or not. If you are having excitement to know about expression, then read the article till the end.

What Is Express Vpn?

Basically, ExpressVPN is a Virtual Private Network service which is offered by ExpressVPN International Ltd. This software is widely used for privacy and for security too. ExpressVPN encrypts web traffic, users and masks the IP address of them. ExpressVPN was launched back in 2010. It can be used on popular platforms such as Android, Ios, Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. You can visit the official site of Express VPN from here.

ExpressVPN Review:

ExpressVPN has scored a rank of 1 out of 74 VPN over the world. The user interface of ExpressVPN is very easy and smooth which makes it quite easy for the non-technical people to use it. It has strict no logging features which makes it even more secure. ExpressVPN has been packed with 94 countries and 2000+ servers.

Having those much servers gives you an advantage and a large list from which you can choose the location of anywhere you want. It is encrypted through OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2. The official cost of buying ExpressVPN is $6.67.

expressvpn review

Expressvpn Review: Pros

1.One Of The Fastest Vpn: The feature that makes a VPN best to use is the speed of it. If the download and upload speed of VPN is not good then the VPN is not good for use. The greatest strength of ExpressVPN is the download and upload speed. When we tested ExpressVPN with the connection of 100Mbps it gave the downloading speed of 83.15 Mbps. This really impressed us and proved that yes it is one of the fastest VPN present over the world.

When we compared the speed of express VPN to some other popular VPNs we got the following results:

Asia Server(Hong Kong):

*Ping=292ms/ Upload speed=12.46 Mbps/ Download Speed=30.26 Mbps

EU Server(Amsterdam):

*Ping=40ms/ Upload Speed=51.81 Mbps/ Download Speed=83.15 Mbps

The speed of ExpressVPN may vary due to your location and your computer specs and your internet connection too. But still, we would say that it is the VPN having the fastest upload and download speed.

expressvpn review

2.Policy Of No Logging: A large number of VPNs present over the web try to specify their terms of service that they won’t keep the log files but there are some VPNs which have a quite weird logging policy which sometimes becomes quite difficult to understand. But if you use ExpressVPN then you have an advantage over the other VPNs. ExpressVPN follows a Strict No Logging Policy which means they do not store your personal data and neither they track you about what you are doing. This privacy makes it more private and secure to use.

But ExpressVPN collects some data which is strictly mentioned in their privacy policy and terms of service. It states that

*It will collect the Apps version are successfully activated.

*It will collect the date when you connected to the VPN.

*It will collect the total amount of data transferred in MB per day.

*It will collect the VPN service location which you chose while connecting to the VPN.

3.Works On All The Major Platforms: one of the best Pros of ExpressVPN is that it can be used on any device working on any platform. The platforms that are supported by Express VPN are as follows:






*Any Web Browsers

*iPhones and Ipads

4.Numerous Amount Of Features And Servers: ExpressVPN has a large number of features and servers which makes it more secure and private to use. The privacy offered by the ExpressVPN is on the next level. ExpressVPN has the feature of Kill-Switch and is compatible with the Netflix too. It too supports the P2P servers and has an amazing feature of anonymous IP. 3 simultaneous connections can be established by using ExpressVPN. It has been packed with more than 2000+ servers and has 94 countries to connect too. As there are a numerous amount of servers and countries available, you can easily hide or change your IP address.

5.Strong Encryption: ExpressVPN cares a lot about the data of its users and therefore it makes sure that your data is protected to the next level you think. ExpressVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption which is very strong security and is not easy to hack through. AES stands for advanced encryption standard. The best thing here is that the CIA and FBI to use the AES-256 encryption in order to protect their data so that none of the attacks attempted are successful.

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Expressvpn Review: Cons

1.An Opaque Company: Opaque term here refers to a not so transparent company. I mean to say that the company which provides the services of Express VPN are not a transparent company and remains anonymous most of the time. It is similar to NordVPN. While you visit their website you will find that there are no phone numbers or business contacts over the website. They serve customers who are in millions but still they work by remaining anonymous. A VPN company being anonymous is pretty normal due to the motive of protecting the useful data of their customers.

2.Connectivity Of 3 Devices At A Time: The only cons which you must take into consideration is this one only. ExpressVPN allows you to connect only 3 devices at a time. There are many other VPN companies that provide 5 or up to 7 connections at a time, but the features provided by ExpressVPN are unbeatable by those companies. The person who wants to secure his data only don’t has to see this as a con but for a person who wants to save and secure the data of its whole family and the devices, it may be proved as a big con.

3.Pricing Of ExpressVPN: A company giving a large number of impressive features should not give you a shock by giving you a high price for the premium features. The one month package of the ExpressVPN is quite high which is $12.95 for one month. The 6-month plan starts from $9.99 per month and the 12-month plan is priced at $8.32 per month.

expressvpn review


We would highly recommend you to take a subscription of the Expressvpn as the features provided by the company are extraordinary. You can remain fully anonymous and protect your data and remain tension free. The pros of ExpressVPN are a lot ahead of the Cons of ExpressVPN. So now we think that our Expressvpn review has finally made you reach some conclusion. If our expression review helped you somewhat, then comments are highly appreciated.