Looking for Envato Elements review? If yes, then you have landed at the right post. In this post, we are going to provide you with every detail of Envato Elements in briefs such as pros, cons, features, pricing and some more common facts.

If you are a freelancer, web designer or you have an online business then this can be proved really good if you consider it. Not only for website holders, but it is even helpful for college students too. If you are excited about Envato Elements review, then read this article till the end.

Envato Elements Review: What Is Envato Elements?

Envato is basically a web service provider which has been named as elements. The main aim of Envato elements is to distribute amazing creative products from their largely expanded library of digital products.

If you are in search of some amazing and unique fonts, graphics, illustrations, photos, WordPress themes, and plugins then this might be the best option to be considered. Envato elements aim for the betterment of its customers by providing the best of their services.

If you purchase a subscription of Envato Elements, then you will be able to access more than 410,000 unique digital products for your projects. Envato Elements has kept its user interface quite simple to make things more simple for its users.

It has launched to plans to make it even more simple. The first plan is the monthly plan and the other one is the annual plan. No matter which plans you choose, you will get access to unlimited downloads. But with the monthly plan, you will not get access to the WordPress themes and plugins. If you want to use those 400+ premium WordPress themes and plugins then you have to go for the annual plan only.

The best thing about Envato Elements is that you don’t have to worry about the number of downloads and credits. In some other premium assets provider, it is not like that. Envato Elements provides unlimited downloads. Therefore you can check out every asset before finalizing which one to use in your project.

Envato Elements is basically a marketplace where there is a large variety of assets present. You can use each and every asset of Envato Elements simply by purchasing any one of their plans. We assure you that you will get the best services, as the assets designers are paid for their efforts.

envato elements review

Envato Elements Review: For Whom Is Envato Elements?

  • Professional bloggers who require unique, good and high-quality pictures for their blog or article.
  • WordPress website developers who search for a unique, optimized, responsive and premium WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Professional graphic designers who look for a variety of assets like graphics, illustrations or fonts.
  • Merchandise or T-shirt business holders who are in search of unique and high-quality designs.
  • Web developers who search for HTML templates and other templates to make a powerful website.

If you are a web designer or blogger and has faced difficulty in finding a unique and high quality featured image then this might help you a lot. It can also help in modifying your WordPress website by providing you premium themes and plugins.

envato elements review

Envato Elements Review: Pros & Cons


  • A large variety of unique and high-quality assets to choose from.
  • More than 400+ premium and optimized WordPress theme and plugins.
  • The user interface of Envato Elements is quite simple and smooth. This creates ease in navigating throughout the dashboard.
  • Terms of services and licensing are quite easy to understand.
  • Low fee for the monthly plan which is quite affordable.
  • You will get access to use the assets even after the subscription has ended.


  • The one and only cons of Envato Elements is that it does not have a wide variety of premium WordPress themes and plugins like the assets in other categories.

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Envato Elements Review: Plans & Pricing

As we told above that Envato Elements has launched only two plans to keep the things simple between them and the user. The two plans are the monthly plan and the annual plan. You can subscribe to a monthly plan for a fee of $29. Forgetting the subscription or an annual plan, you have to pay a fee of $348.

The fee of the annual fee is equivalent to $29 per month, which is the fee of the monthly plan. The only difference in both the plans is that, with an annual plan, you will get access to more than 400+ premium WordPress themes and plugins. If you don’t want the service of themes and plugins, then you can go for a monthly plan. The best thing is that with both the plans, you will get access to unlimited downloads.

envato elements review

Envato Elements Review: What Do You Get Inside Envato Elements

After taking the subscription of Envato Elements you get access to:

  • WordPress Plugins: It provides 154 plugins to implement in your website. In this, you get forms, email marketing, social media plugins, media player and much more.
  • WordPress Themes: Envato Elements gives you access to 259 premium WordPress themes. You can get customized theme for each and every popular niche such as business, blogging, portfolio, photography and more.
  • Photos: It gives you access to more than 372,899 photos. The photos provided by Envato Elements include high quality, food, landscape, tech, and many more. It is the biggest asset provided by Envato Elements. You can use the theme without any tension as all the photos are licensed and there will be no issue of copyright.
  • Graphic Templates: It is packed with 16,105 high-quality graphics templates including infographics, UI & UX kits and product mockups too.
  • Fonts: Envato Elements provide you with access to a large variety of stylish and cool fonts. There are around 1,794  fonts to choose from. This asset includes fonts like sans-serif, decorative fonts, serif and many more.

evnato elements review


Do we recommend buying Envato Elements? Yes, we highly recommend buying it. The features and services provided by it are seriously amazing. If you just want to check it out, you can simply buy the monthly plan for once. If you are impressed when you can go for the annual plan. Now we are pretty sure that our Envato Elements review is successful and has made you reach a conclusion. Queries are highly appreciated in the comments section.