Have you successfully purchased a hosting and domain for setting up your own website and now looking for a theme that would make your website look just perfect? If yes, then you have landed at the right place.

At present time, there are a hell lot of WordPress themes present over the web. This makes it quite difficult to choose a suitable and best theme which would make your site look awesome. So in this article, we are going to tell you about the Divi theme review. Yeah, you wrote it correctly, we will do Divi theme review as it is also considered one of the most elegant themes of 2018.

In this article, we will give a detailed review of Divi theme, elaborate the features that are provided by it, tell you how to use it, tell about its pricing. Divi theme is really a very popular and widely used theme.

Divi Theme Review: What Is Divi?

Divi is basically a creation, not only a creation but a flagship creation, which provides you the best elegant themes till date. Divi Themes can be used on multiple websites. It can be used on any niche such as photography, portfolio, blog, services. The best thing is that it is perfect to be used on any kind of website. It does not matter that what type of site you are building, the job done by divi themes is awesome.

Divi themes are built by thinking you as a beginner. This makes it hell lot of easy to set up the divi theme. The user interface of Divi themes is very simple and smooth which makes it quite easy to navigate through the website. The interface is so good that any beginner can also customize it in a very cool way.

Divi Theme does not require a skill of WordPress coding or any website building skills. Everything can be customized in a very simple and unique way. While you are doing modifications in your site, you can check the preview side by side, which makes it more easy and simple to customize your website. You can build any type of website by just imagining and applying it virtually.

Divi Theme can be the complete theme if you use a page builder plugin like elementor or beaver builder as these are the two most popular and widely used page builders. These page builders make your efforts very less and make very handy to customize your website. The one thing that you must believe Is that the Divi theme is one the best and most convenient theme present over the web for WordPress.

divi theme review

Features Of Divi Theme:

Divi theme is loaded with a large number of amazing features which helps a lot in customizing your website in a very cool and simple way. It can be said as the theme which is all in one solution for making the type of website that you actually need. Some of the best features provided by Divi theme are:

  • All the things you see on any page of your website can be customized in any way you want.
  • You can see all the customizations and changes that you are doing on your website in real time. This means that all the customizations made can be seen side by side in a live preview. It will show you how your site will look like after applying the change you made.
  • By using Divi Theme you will be able to use multiple content, rows and elements and that too at the same time.
  • All the layouts provided by the Divi themes are mobile responsive which makes your website usable in both the pc and mobile. This also has an effect on the SEO done by you to rank your website.
  • The text present over the web pages of your website can be edited by just a single click. The text can be edit just as you edit the text in MS word.
  • By using divi theme you can customize nearly everything on the web page of your website by simple drag and drop.
  • Divi Theme comes packed with more than 20+ mobile responsive layouts out of the box.
  • The content elements present in the library of your website in WORDPRESS is really very impressive. This helps you to access the data in the library very easily.

Divi Theme Review:Is It Worth To Buy?

Pricing of Divi Themes:

divi theme review

Divi theme is not available in the wordpress.org web store. You can see the live demo of the divi theme over the website of elegant themes. Divi theme is a premium theme which is a product of elegant themes and hence has a paid version. Basically, Divi theme is available in two plans which are as follows:

  • Yearly access: The yearly access of Divi theme would cost you $89 for the duration of one year. This plan is described as the most popular plan for Divi Theme. In this plan, you will be able to have access to all the themes. You can not only get access to all the themes but you will get access to all the premium plugins too. In this plan, you will receive the theme updates whenever the theme is updated. You will get premium supports of 24×7. Once purchased, you can apply Divi theme on unlimited websites that you own. In this plan, they give you a risk-free guarantee.
  • Lifetime access: The lifetime access of Divi Theme will cost you $249 for the duration of a lifetime. The features provided by the lifetime access of divi themes is same as the yearly access but only the difference in this plan is that it is only a one time fee that you have to pay while buying Divi theme. After purchasing the lifetime access you don’t have to spend a single buck and can freely use it on unlimited websites.


You must want to know that we recommend to buy Divi theme or not. Yes, we highly recommend you to buy Divi theme. The reason behind this is that the premium version of the Divi theme has a lot of advanced features that would make your website amazing. This theme makes the user interface of your website very smooth and simple therefore making it very easy for the users to navigate through the site

Moreover, this theme is suitable for any kind of website on any niche. Finally, it is concluded that it is one of the best premium themes and if you are looking for simple and premium theme then you must go for it. Now we think that our Divi theme review was quite successful and you too have reached a conclusion.