Looking for a tool that can protect your privacy? If yes then you have landed at the right place. In this article, we are going to do Cyberghost VPN review. For those who don’t know, it is one of the best Romanian based VPN provider.

What Is Cyberghost VPN?

As I mentioned above, Cyberghost is one of the most preferred Romanian based VPN providers. It gives access to a variety of strong features which ensure to fulfill the requirements of its customers. It is considered to be one of the best VPN as it is a zero logs VPN.

Cyberghost VPN was launched 7 years back but was not popular in starting. This was so because it couldn’t provide its best. But after giving the best, it has reached quite above and has been listed in the best VPN’s present in today’s market.

Zero log VPN refers to the VPN which does not keep information about the purpose for which you used it for. Cyberghost provides blazing fast access to movie streaming websites and Netflix too. It is also considered to be best as it keeps the log of people connected to a server. This helps it to regulate the users on a particular server. This ultimately helps in getting greater speeds.

In the Cyberghost VPN review, we are going to provide its pros, cons, amazing features and the conclusion too. If you want to reach a conclusion too, then keep reading the article until the end.

Cyberghost VPN review

Cyberghost VPN review: Pros

  1. Variety Of Features: Cyberghost gives access to a large variety of amazing features which are necessary for VPN to perform well. Cyberghost is basically a VPN that protects you while you are working over wifi. It helps to change your IP address. You can not only change the IP address but you can hide it too with the help of Cyberghost VPN. The main features of Cyberghost VPN which make it the best are:
  • Kill Switch
  • Hide IP Address
  • You can connect 7 devices once at a time
  • Total number countries supported by Cyberghost: 59
  • Total number of servers packed in Cyberghost: 2,960

This VPN can be used on almost all the platforms. The list of platforms which Cyberghost supports and has officially released is:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS

The availability of 2,900+ servers and 59 countries makes it the best VPN to be chosen. This is because it provides a large variety of countries and servers to choose from. It is also packed with all the amazing major protocols such as L2TP, OpenVPN, and IPSec. It supports AES-S56 encryption too.

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2. No-Logging Policy: Many of the VPN brands boasts that they provide zero logging policy. But when researched deeply, none of all fulfills the criteria.

Therefore it is highly requested to no to invest your hard earned money in such a VPN that only boasts and does nothing. Logging policy is one of the main factors that you should not ignore in order to choose a good VPN provider.

But this is not the case with Cyberghost. It strictly follows the policy of no logging and doesn’t keep the record of your activities done by you. This clearly shows that it makes you anonymous while surfing online.

3. No Data Leak Policy: One of the main reason you choose a premium VPN is to keep your data safe and private. If you sit back and make a checklist, then Cyberghost would have a checkmark on all the features.

Many of the other VPN providers sneaks viruses into the users’ database. This helps them to become successful in stealing the precious data. But this is not the case with Cyberghost VPN. It has a good image in the past few years. And it also guarantees that the data of its customers is 100% safe.

4. Smooth User Interface & Easy To Use: When we used Cyberghost VPN for the first time, the user interface was found to be very simple and smooth to be used. Everything was easily accessible with a guide available too. This is one of the main pros that makes it one of the best VPN.

Basically, it takes less than 5 minutes to install Cyberghost VPN onto a windows laptop. The layout of it is so smooth and simple that even a non-techy person could easily use it without any problem.

Apart from this Cyberghost is compatible with TOR and almost all other proxies. For those who don’t know what TOR is, TOR is basically a network in which you remain anonymous. The main function performed by TOR is that it transfers your data through a number of servers. This virtually makes impossible to find out who you are.

Cyberghost VPN review

Cyberghost VPN review: Cons

1. Speed Is Less: The biggest cons with the Cyberghost VPN is the speed. If you are searching for a budget VPN with maximum features then speed is the only thing that you will be missing out.

You will suffer this problem only if you are in the free version. Jumping to the paid version will give you a speed which will be sufficient for your normal usage.

If you have ever listened about Express VPN, then it is more powerful than Cyberghost in terms of speed. Read about Express VPN review here.

2. Rough Reviews From Third-Party: When we searched some information about Cyberghost VPN over the web, we came across Quora and Reddit. There were many reviews which were submitted by many individuals and companies too.

The individuals which do not have the proper knowledge and haven’t done deal with the VPN companies posted some rough reviews. Apart from this, Cyberghost VPN is one of the best choices to be chosen in terms of both pricing and features.

Cyberghost VPN review: Plans & Pricing:

Cyberghost has launched 3 plans for its customers. It basically offers a month to month plan for $12.99 per month. The best way to keep out from this high price is to purchase their long term plan. But it is advised to choose the long term plan only if you are sure about it.

The pricing of the plans provided by Cyberghost VPN are as follows:

  • Monthly Package: $12.99 for every one month($155.88 per year).
  • 6 Months Package: $7.99 per month( $47.94for half year).
  • 18 Months Package: $3.50 per month($63 for 1.5 years).

Cyberghost VPN review


Do we recommend you to buy Cyberghost VPN? Yes, we recommend buying VPN from Cyberghost. This is because Cyberghost has been changing a lot since the past few years. Not only this but its feedback and customer support are also too good.

Choosing a plan which supports your budget will provide you with amazing features from Cyberghost. Now we are pretty sure that our Cyberghost VPN review has been completely successful. Queries are highly appreciated in the comment section.