Looking for best WordPress themes review 2019? If yes then you have appeared at the right post. A theme is something which makes your website to look amazing. Not only this, but a good theme can actually make your website powerful and optimized.

In today’s time, most of the modern people visit websites present over the web. Since they are modern, they feel comfortable in modern and technological things. Now if you use any outdated theme on your website, most of the visitors will abandon visiting it.

Many of the visitors sign up on your website, read your content and purchase products from your website. A website not having a well-optimized theme cannot fulfill the requirements of the visitors. This will decrease the number of visitors on your website. To improve the user interface and make your website smooth, a well-optimized theme is a must.

Best WordPress Themes Review 2019: What Is A Responsive Theme?

A WordPress theme that optimizes itself according to the requirements is considered to be as a responsive WordPress theme. Basically, the WordPress themes that change their format and layout according to the screen resolution are said to be a good responsive WordPress theme.

This makes the user interface quite positive and smooth to be used. The user also feels quite good when they shift from laptop or pc to a mobile or tablet.

In today’s time, there are a lot of WordPress themes available over the web. This creates a big hype which results in a lot of confusion. To clear this confusion we have created a list of best WordPress themes review 2019. We will make sure to provide you with the key details of those themes. To get the best theme for your website, read the article till the end.

best wordpress themes review 2019

Best WordPress Themes Review 2019


First, on the list of best WordPress themes review, 2019 hits the BeTheme. If you are in search of a multipurpose, responsive WordPress theme, then this can be considered as one of the best. BeTheme is one of the most popular and widely used responsive themes for WordPress.

It is a lightweight theme which helps the website to become optimized. This theme occupies very less space on your server. Above this, it is quite efficient and helps the website to load quickly as much as possible. It has been packed with more than 390 websites. This means that you can start working on your own website in just a single click.

The key features of BeTheme are:

  • It is very lightweight
  • All in one multi-purpose theme
  • Packed with more than 390 in-built websites

best wordpress themes review 2019


If you are looking for a well-optimized WordPress theme for e-commerce or online business, then considering this theme might be a good choice. It has a large variety and options of the layout to choose. Choosing layouts from such a premium looking theme will definitely enhance your website.

This theme does not require any coding and is developed keeping a minimalistic design in mind. The user interface of this theme is quite simple and easy to use. To make your website super optimized and smooth, this theme is one of the best to choose. It also has a unique feature which allows you to disable the responsiveness of the theme. It is usable in case if you want to show your content only in one type of device.

Key Features Of Avada:

  • A unique feature of disabling responsiveness
  • A well optimized multi-purpose theme
  • The theme that doesn’t require coding

best wordpress themes review 2019

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Third, on the list of best WordPress themes review, 2019 hits the SuperMag theme. It is also considered to be one of the most popular and widely used WordPress themes. This theme, being popular, is quite responsive and smooth. Not only this but it can be used for creating any type of digital magazine over the web.

This feature of creating a digital magazine gives access to the user to display photographs, videos or written content in a very optimized way. With so many features, it is quite lightweight too. Above all this, it is also advertisement ready too. If you use ads of either Google Adsense or affiliate then this theme can be considered to be perfect for you.

Key Features Of SuperMag:

  • A great feature of enabling breaking news section
  • Best for creating digital magazines
  • Optimized to display Ads

best wordpress themes review 2019


Another great and responsive theme for WordPress is named as Aesthetic. It is a quite responsive WordPress theme. This theme is basically designed for lifestyle and fashion blogs. It has a very minimalistic design, which makes it look super good. The best thing about this theme is that you can customize it in any way you want.

With the help of features of Aesthetic, you can easily create pages and create animations for your websites. Loaded with so many features, still, it is very lightweight. The user interface is also pretty simple and easy to navigate.

Key Features Of Aesthetic:

  • It includes donations page
  • Can be customized in any way you want
  • Best theme for lifestyle and fashion blogs

best wordpress themes review 2019


Fifth on the list of best WordPress themes review 2019 hits the Excellent WordPress theme. This theme is considered to be one of the best WordPress themes. This is because it is a quite responsive and multi-purpose theme. This theme is mainly made for e-commerce and business websites.

As the name of this theme suggests that this theme is excellent for creating a smooth and optimized website. It gives you access to many navigation menu features which will surely impress you a lot.  The integration of WooCommerce makes the product managing more simple and smooth. Moreover, excellent is a very light theme loaded with tons of features.

Key Features Of Excellent:

  • Highly customizable navigation menus
  • Trendy social media sidebars
  • Best theme for e-commerce and online business websites

best wordpress themes review 2019


So this was the best WordPress themes review 2019. After reading this article, we are pretty sure that you have reached a conclusion. Moreover, you must have concluded which theme to choose. Before setting up any website over the web, always remember that themes are the clothes for the websites. Queries are highly appreciated in the comment section.