Looking for best VPN review 2019? In the fast and dynamic environment of the technical world, everyone wants to maintain the privacy of their browser searches. VPN makes this task easy for us. VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) maintain the privacy from prying eyes of our online activities.

However, evaluating and choosing the best VPN service can be a very daunting and time-consuming task. There are already thousands of VPN services out there with various features but you must go for the best alternative according to your need along with the affordability of its pricing structure.

If you are reading this then I am pretty sure that you are looking for the best VPN services for your network. So, to ease this daunting task for you today we will review some of the best VPN services for your network.

Best VPN Review 2019

Everyone has some reasons to be private. It can be related to work, entertainment or fun. VPN basically saves you from your location being tapped. You can change your location by yourself too. A good VPN provides a large variety of countries to choose from. Choose the country in which you want to enter your location and enjoy!

In today’s world, there are a lot of VPN’S available over the web. This creates a lot of hype and creates confusions. Because of this many people go in the wrong direction and lose their hard earned money. But you don’t have to worry as in this article we are going to do Best VPN review 2019. We are going to provide a list of VPN which are handpicked.

This will help us to add more in-depth details to Best VPN review 2019 and it will also help you to reach the conclusion about which you should go for. So the list of Best VPN 2019 goes like this-

Express VPN

Express VPN is known to be the best VPN service for the networks all over the globe for it fest feature of privacy and customer support. Express VPN covers over 94 countries with 148 locations in total all across the globe.

Express VPN provide routers with its browser extensions and firmware which make their service an overall great package. The drawback with Express VPN is that it can only support 3 devices at a time and there is no demo before you can make use of it. However, there is a condition of 30-day money back guarantee.

best vpn review 2019

Some of the features of Express VPN are:

– Great customer service.

– Maximum numbers of servers.

– Only three devices can be supported at a time.

Their pricing packages include:

– 15 months package for $6.67 per month.

– 6 months package for $9.99 per month.

– 1-month package for $12.95


IPVanish is great VPN service for peer- to- peer network and for browsing in a torrent. The most important thing about this VPN is the quality of service they provide.

The company claims to be one of the fastest VPN of the world with over 40,000 shared IP address. The service covers over 60 countries and secured with an end to end connection. It can support 5 devices at a time.

However, if you look at the price structure it may concern you a little as they are little high. But the speed and services are worth to invest for and also there are a 7 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

best vpn review 2019

Features of IPVanish:

– Efficient speed.

– Prevent traffic logs.

– No free trial available.

The price structure for IPVanish:

– One year package for $4.87 per month.

– Three-month package for $6.75 per month.

– One month package for $7.50 per month.


VyperVPN service offers an unlimited offering of data usage which makes it different from all other VPN services. It has the protocol of chameleon to provide extra security to the users.

The VyperVPN has spread throughout the 70 countries. The service is spread through Switzerland as well means it will take the benefit of the law of advanced privacy.

Although there is no refund policy for the packages there is a feature of free trial version for three days. You can choose either a monthly or annual basis plan both for manual and premium packages.

best vpn review 2019

Features of VyperVPN:

– Performance-oriented.

– Affordable pricing.

– User interface.

The pricing package for VyperVPN are:

– Basic annual package for $5 per month.

– Premium Annual package for $6.67 per month.


Windscribe VPN is one of the most popular and widely used VPN all over the world. Windscribe VPN guarantees strong privacy and is equipped with numerous encryption features which will never let you down. It is also considered to be one of the safest VPN to be used. It guarantees that your data will not leak and no viruses or harmful malware will attack you.

The best thing about windscribe is that it is helpful in bypassing the Netflix encryption. When we used this VPN with Netflix, it goes on super smooth and that too without any restriction of proxy. One of the best features of this VPN is that it will give you an unlimited connection at a time. This service provides you with 4 native clients which include mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.

It pays much emphasis on privacy and has an easy interface. The performance will be concluded as average as it can disappoint you at some point. The free trial version has a data of 10GB for one connection. The other data plan gives you unlimited data and it can be renewed at regular interval as per your requirement.

best vpn review 2019

Features of Windscribe are :

– Unlimited connection at a time.

– Free trial version.

– Emphasis on privacy matter.

– Not enough efficient in speed.

The pricing package for Windscribe are:

– Biennial package for $3.70 per month.

– Annual package for $4.08 per month.

– Monthly package for $9.00

 Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot shield is one of the best VPN for browsing online. It is really affordable in price and it comes with the feature of lifetime subscription which makes it popular among all other VPN.

It gives privacy to all the searches of online browsing along with giving connection to 5 different devices at a time. It also covers 20+ server locations across.

These are highly performance oriented and have really efficient speed in both uploading and downloading contents. With such an affordable price and high speed, it leaves a great experience for the user. It covers their server locations over 25 countries.

best vpn review 2019

Features of Hotspot shield are:

– Affordable price range.

– High-speed connection.

– Free trial version.

Pricing package for Hotspot shield is:

– Two-year package plan for $2.99 per month.

– Six-month package plan for $8.99 per month.

– One month package plan for $12.99 per month.

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Whenever or wherever anyone talks about TunnelBear the first thing comes in someone mind is easy to use interface. The user experience with TunnelBear leaves a great and positive impact.

If you are a beginner then this VPN is easy to go for. The website is well equipped with all the information for initiation in process.

TunnelBear covers more than 20+ countries of server location. It supports 5 connections simultaneously. The service also laid major emphasis on its privacy measure and other related policies. There is also a trial of a free version of up to 500MB each month for a particular device.

best vpn review 2019

Features of TunnelBear are:

– Easy user-interface.

– Free trial version.

– Emphasis on privacy policy.

Pricing package of TunnelBear is:

– Annual package plan for $4.16 per month.

– Monthly package plan for $9.99 per month.


So, these are some of the enlisted best VPN services in the world. We’ve collected these reviews and conclusion results through a continuous survey from the market. This guide will be continuously updated with the change in results.

So, now we are pretty sure that our Best VPN review 2019 is successful and also has made you reach a conclusion. Do let us know about your best VPN service and what are the other facilities it provides to you. Queries in the comment section are highly appreciated.